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Regain the Reigns

Behavior Education and Hands-on Help for Mastering the Toddler Stage

Ages 1 to 3 years

$275/Semester of 4 classes

Kristina Bryan, MA, BCBA offers relatable lectures on the science of child behavior and teaches tips & tricks for understanding and better approaching raising young kids. Learn better ways to discipline, reward, and regain the power in your home in a productive and loving way. 


This 4-week course offers the latest information on best practices for raising children as well as direct instruction on how to practice these principles in real time with your children (yes, this means bring your kiddos along!). During this dynamic, engaging, and developmentally enriching series you will get to practice these new techniques with your children and the help of a seasoned behavior therapist in real time - all in an intimate and confidential group setting. 


This class is 1 hour in length and includes roughly 15 minutes of lecture for the parents while children begin the activity with a child care specialist followed by a 30 minute activity with the children practicing the new principles learned that week with direct instruction and support being given by Kristina Bryan and her assistant. 15 minutes at the end are reserved for reviewing the customized take-home family activity for that week and to answer any questions or concerns.

Course content and accompanying activities subject to change.

Ages 1 to 3 years

$275/Semester of 4 classes

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