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Behavioral Sexology

What it is (and what it's not)

It is not by any means teaching your teens or young adults to have sex, but rather is shaping socio-sexual behaviors and overt sexual behaviors to be safe, age-appropriate, and in line with an individual's values and sense of self. In that way, it's not "sex therapy" in the traditional sense, rather it is a blended approach of many clinical sexual fields using the application of behavior analysis.

But"sex therapy"...
and children?

Look, we get it. This is a taboo topic - but it shouldn't be! Sex is an innate human behavior and pleasure is a basic human right. Lack of education and support for our tweens and teens around sex, socio-sexual behaviors, and consent is what proliferates (pun intended) higher incidents of sexual assault, STIs and STDs, and pregnancy in adolescence.

Teenagers on Mobile phone

How do I know it's for my kid?

If your child is starting to go through puberty and is having a difficult time with self-confidence, questions about their body's changes or is having difficulty navigating their changing relationship to their body and their peers, this service may be for them. Kristina incorporates parent education and support into all treatment plans to ensure that you as a parent also feel confident and well-informed in guiding your child through this new phase of development. 

A note about confidentiality: This service is recommended for adolescents (ages 10-19) and since many of our client's are minors, they lack the legal capacity to consent. We do however take the assent of our clients very seriously as it helps teenagers feel safe and comfortable in the therapeutic process. Each month, you will receive a report overviewing what we have been working on and giving you suggestions of things to try at home.  Of course, if there is ever a serious concern regarding the safety of your child or another person, you will be notified immediately.

Is it safe?

As a Board Certified Behavior Analyst, Kristina has done over 1,500 hours of clinical supervision. As such, she is bound to the BACB's ethical code of conduct. She is currently under the direct supervision of Dr. Shane Spiker, PhD, BCBA, to become a Certified Behavioral Sexologist, a sub-specialty of ABA that requires an additional 60 hours of specialized coursework and 90 additional hours of supervision.


Delivering behavior analytic treatment is highly effective changing undesired behaviors and only empirically-based interventions are used.  No client will every be coerced or forced to do anything they find aversive and our commitment is to create an affirming, judgment free, therapeutic environment with safety, consent, and assent at the forefront of our practices.

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