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Psychotherapy Session

Behavioral Wellness
for Children, Teens, & Young Adults

Offering boutique therapeutic behavior services for children and families in Palm Beach, Florida

"Building supportive environments
for optimal wellness in our children's behavior."



Kristina Bryan, BCBA
Founder of Child Behavioral Wellness

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Kristina Bryan is a Board-Certified Behavior Analyst who obtained her Masters degree in Psychology from New York University after studying Psychology and Neuroscience as an undergraduate in Manhattan. She has worked in multiple research labs, clinics, and hospitals across the country including The Children’s Hospital in Washington DC, Mount Sinai Icahn School of Medicine in New York, and private clinics before opening her own practice, Child Behavioral Wellness, in 2020. 


She offers a holistic, positive approach to parenting based in the science of human behavior.  With years of experience in the field working with children and teenagers with varying developmental abilities, she believes in meeting every individual where they are. Her work helps parents learn simple and effective tools for building supportive environments for optimal wellness in their children's behaviors.


See ABOUT ME for more information.


New Office

Starting November 1, 2023 we will be opening our new office space!

326 Fern Street


West Palm Beach, FL 33401


We offer a variety of therapeutic options to meet each child's unique needs and support the families and schools in our community.


Our newest offering; holding space for like-minded tweens who need a consistent, healing place to check in with Kristina, work on school or personal projects, and receive guidance.

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